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About Zoosper

I, Damodar Bashyal, started as a fun project. Its been a while since i started this project, and I am now seeing some success here and there throughout this site. So, I am planning to add more stuff on the go and make it a really powerful website in different areas as well, other than just Blind Search (which was the only intention at the beginning).

UPDATE:: Changed the site again and it's now meta search engine.

Currently, Zoosper gets first page results from three major search engines: Google™, Bing™ and Yahoo™. Zoosper then displays all the pages from each site in one page, so you don't have to search in each engine, saving you valuable time. Plus, you can vote for the best result or combine result, for better viewing and faster lookup of the result and source.

UPDATE:: it now displays combined and result in frames only on original search engines. Plus i removed voting for best search engine.

I recently added some free online videos like music videos, movie trailers, TV episodes, video tutorials, etc., that are uploaded throughout the World Wide Web. This can't be called a feature yet, but it's inspiring me to go ahead with this project. Still, I need to categorize them into music, movies, sports, personal, etc. I am hoping to work on these sections soon.

Also, I am looking into support for Multi-Lingual Search.

In addition, the search roadmap includes free directory submission, advanced features for the Zoosper Teaser, and Twitter.

I want to take Zoosper to next level, to make it the next big alternative web search engine. But due to my one-man effort, it can take some time to achieve this.


Zoosper is now able to search and play Youtube™ videos. This is exciting, but it has caused some copyright issues; therefore, I want to clarify that Zoosper doesn't allow video upload, and we do not store videos on our servers. Videos played here are directly played from the Youtube source. So, if you find any copyright violation, please contact YouTube directly to request they remove the video links from their site -- it will then be automatically removed from Zoosper as well.

We claim no ownership of any videos found here, unless we uploaded any of our own. So, I leave all the ownership, copyright and legal rights to the video's owner, producer, director, everyone involved with its production, and YouTube.

Thanks for visiting and for your support.

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