The Legend Of Zelda Majora S Mask Walkthrough Part 85


Loading the player ... once again saved Cremia's milk delivery from the mysterious ninjas who are actually the Gorman bro. in disguise! O_o Link gets a special reward afterwards which is a hug! SCORE!!! Link, you lucky bastard! You get to smother your face on her nevermind lmao Ahem, back to the game Link continues with the sidequests and stuff and headed back to Clock Town. He went to the Lottery Shop and won 50 rupees again! Alright! Link then warps to Ikana Canyon to go to the Graveyard area. He once again asked those Stalchild soldiers to dig the Tombstone. This time they dug the other one which you can access on the Second Day. This is where that Iron Knuckle is at and you get a heart piece inside a treasure chest for beating it. Link goes back out and headed back to Clock Town by warping. He then goes around wandering aimlessly for no reason by goofing around Termina field. What the?! XD

Baby crawling through narrow gap

Loading the player ...

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